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New PRCUA Board Member Sworn In

Newly appointed board member Mr. Fred Aubrey of the Hillsdale Community was sworn in just prior to the December 20th board meeting. Mr. Aubrey was appointed to the board by the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors.


Poplarville Agricultural Science Class Tour


New PRCUA Asset

Portable Bypass Pump

  • 500' of 4" Discharge Hose
  • Six-10 ft. Sections of Suction Hose
  • Engine Driven, Self-Priming Centrifugal Diesel Pump
This system will allow our technicians to quickly transport and set up an emergency pumping station, whenever there is a problem or maintenance required at any of our 70+ sewage lift stations. Faster setup means less time and less cost to repair, as well as avoiding any inconvenience to our customers. 
This system was purchased with Community Develpment Block Grant (CDBG) funds.